Renting Hanse

The Hanse yachts are modern and sleek in appearance. The streamlined yachts are designed by Jüdel/Vrolijk & co and the interior has been designed by Design Unlimited.

Brug Jachtverhuur has 5 Hanses for rent, including one that is only rented with skipper. The sailing characteristics are excellent and all operations during sailing – think of reefing,tacking etc. – can be carried out effortlessly while you are at the helm.

At Brug Jachtverhuur you can choose from different lengths so you can grow in your own sailing skills.

Hanse 388 “Swanneblom”

Sailing yacht Hanse 388 (2020) has unparalleled comfort both above and below decks.



A luxurious and spacious sailing yacht

Hanse 348 “Irene”

This Hanse 348 is a sporty sailing yacht that is equipped with 3 cabins and berths for 6-7 people (1 in the saloon).


A new model Hanse 348

Hanse 345 “Jo”

This 2 cabin Hanse 345 is equipped with a full batten mainsail with lazy-bag and self-tacking jib.



A spacious and complete Hanse 345

Hanse 325 “Belle Fleur”

The Hanse 325 from 2015 is a beautiful sailing yacht which has a renewed fully battened mainsail and a high-aspect jib.


An easy to operate Hanse 325 with autopilot

Hanse 315 “Battello Mariti”

The sailing characteristics are excellent and everything is easy to operate from the cockpit.



An easy maneuverable Hanse 315
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